I was ready to smoke a joint after the six hour plane trip

My bestie’s parents invited us to go on vacation with them to a tropical island, it was a 6-hour plane trip to get to the tropical island plus I wasn’t very excited about the trip.

It was our first time on an aircraft plus I was very nervous.

I smoked some recreational marijuana before we got on the plane, although I wasn’t able to smoke any other recreational marijuana products until after we landed. I was ready to smoke a joint after the 6-hour plane trip, but we had to go through customs plus then I had to wait on the side of the road for a taxi. It was almost 12 hours before I finally had the opportunity to smoke marijuana because I had to find someone local that was selling weed. I couldn’t take marijuana on the plane, because I did not want to risk getting caught, luckily the guy in the lobby had some marijuana products for sale plus they did not charge very much money either. It was some of the best bud that I have ever smoked. I got some more marijuana products from the same guy a couple of afternoons later plus the bud was just as nice as the first batch. I asked the guy if he had any edibles, because our bestie doesn’t enjoy to smoke, then he told myself and others that there was a guy on the other side of the island that sells edibles but it was a 2-hour drive through the jungle. All of us decided to stay on the side of the island where the resort was located for our safety.

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