The young woman had a fantastic resume

It’s genuinely crucial to be diligent when interviewing candidates for a position at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary.

I started laboring at the shop about 5 years ago plus I worked our way up to the employer spot 2 years ago. Since then I have managed to increase the sales at the marijuana dispensary each year. Last month my fantastic friend and I started offering free delivery services. My fantastic friend and I were previously charging a $5 flat fee, no matter how sizable or small the order, but when my fantastic friend and I stopped charging the flat fee, delivery repair orders started to quickly increase. When I started advertising the free delivery services in the store plus on our website, I had a sizable influx of orders. I had to hire another delivery driver suddenly. My boss told me to hire the first woman that looks fantastic on paper, although I told the girl that it was best to interview even if my fantastic friend and I were short on staff. I wanted to make sure that my fantastic friend and I got a delivery repair driver that had a fantastic resume, clean driving record, plus expertise about marijuana plus marijuana sales. I also interviewed a single young woman that had a genuinely fantastic resume, and she previously worked at a marijuana dispensary down south. She moved with her girlfriend to our neighborhood plus started laboring at an unusual marijuana dispensary. She quit laboring at that place a month ago. The child had experience plus she was willing to labor as a delivery driver, so I did not even bother calling any of her contacts or previous employers. My boss also wanted someone fast plus this child was perfect for the position.

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