Marijuana edibles taste pretty good!

I haven’t been using cannabis products for long. I’m still not up-to-date with cannabis & all of the side effects that it can have on the body. When I started to use cannabis, it was to help me with chronic aches & pains. I have a lot of pain from fibromyalgia & it causes me dire pain in our legs, both knees, & my back. I used to treat that chronic pain with medication. I was taking more & more of the meds & I still had just as much chronic pain. I had a dentist that proposed marijuana & that guy changed our life. I truthfully never considered using marijuana for medical reasons. I went to an educational program once that was about 60 minutes long. During the educational program, I learned all about marijuana & the medical benefits that it has. After that I went to the marijuana shop & the budtender behind that counter helped me pick out some products that might be able to help me with chronic pain. The 1st thing that the man proposed was a low dose marijuana edible. The low dose marijuana edible has about 10 mg of thc. I take a single edible in the morning & another the night before I go to bed. Edibles taste good & they come in lots of unusual flavors including mango, red apple, orange raspberry, & red. There are even some edibles that come in fiery flavors including spicy melon habanero or jalapeno pineapple. I haven’t tried any of the spicy edibles, but there is a wide selection at the dispensary so they must be popular.

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