Getting more from him with cannabis

Currently, I’m in 2 odd sorts of therapy, i’m seeing a physical therapist to reuse from our physical trauma… And I’m seeing a psychologist for help with reuseing from the emotional & mental trauma. And I’m using the assistance of the staff from the local cannabis spot to help me get the most out of both therapies. I endured a random act of violence & survived; That’s the most pressing thing that I try to keep in front of me. I’m alive & have a life I want to lead, and but I also have a reusey to focus on as well. I was broken both mentally & physically after the event & cannabis products are helping me find a new normal. I think that is one of the marijuana benefits that I wasn’t quite expecting. There is a hopefulness that comes through when I’m using either indica, sativa or hybrid strains, yet, each one of these also works in unique ways for unique parts of our reusey. The indica strains are the most helpful when it comes to getting all I can from our physical therapy. The indica strains help so much with inflammation & range of motion; When it comes to our talk therapy, the sativa products work best for me, and sativa helps me recognize safe in our own skin & be positive about going forward. And hybrid strains are something that I’m still learning about. But I’m just so grateful to live in a state where I can access a cannabis dispensary. Without access to our local cannabis spot, I’m not sure just where I’d be on our road to reuseing from what happened to me.