My friend the cannabis grower

I love seeing my buddy just glowing these days.

It’s hard to articulate just the sense I have when I’m around him.

But glowing seems to be sort close. I think my dear friend is just basking in the freedom and open joy to be following his passion for cannabis legally. We are both in our late 40’s and we met at a party when we both stopped some people from messing up pot brownies. We both shared a deep affinity for recreational marijuana. But it also went deeper than that for each of us. I don’t like to use words like sacred but there was a certain gratitude and preciousness that we held for sativa and indica. It was almost like it matched up with our DNA or something. We were bonded to marijuana in a much different way than most of our friends. My buddy took it to the next level and had a small cannabis grow in his house. And he kept working on new cannabis strains for nearly 30 years while holding down a day job he wasn’t all that thrilled with. Then came to opportunity for him to be a legal cannabis grower in this state. A bunch of us kicked in the money to get him set up legally. And now, he is one of the premier cannabis growers in the region if not the state. Getting a return on my marijuana business investment was the least of my hopes. I just wanted to see my buddy glow like he does now that he heads up his own marijuana grower.

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