I label all of my cannabis strains carefully

When I got extreme about weed I started to label it carefully.

It helped that I got a single of those Crichop machines for Christmas.

Have you heard of these things, they are amazing. I was able to custom print a series of labels for glass jars. I wanted to keep my strains of cannabis organized, even though I also wanted to have something cool as a centerpiece for the mantle. In the old mornings I would smoke whatever I could get my hands on, however thanks to the advent of current cannabis dispensaries the sky’s the limit! I currently have six unusual strains of cannabis on hand, of both the sativa plus indica varieties, to use depending on my mood. It is important for myself and others to keep them all clearly labeled, because each strain of cannabis has a slightly unusual effect on me… Late plus night when I want to chill out plus watch a movie while falling asleep, I will always choose a mellow indica strain. When I need to focus on my writing for a few thirds I opening a single of the more high-octane strains of cannabis sativa. I am not a savvy enough marijuana connoisseur to distinguish the unusual strains by stink. I’m sure that after a few years I will be able to identify any cannabis strains by sight or stink alone, however I’m not there yet. For now I need to keep my weed separate plus everything clearly labeled, so I suppose which a single is Purple Haze, which is OG Kush, plus which is Blue Dream.


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