The first time I smoked cannabis

I remember being fifteen plus smoking my first joint.

It was at a sleepover, when several of my friends came over for my birthday… One of them brought a joint with him.

At this point honestly few of us had ever sampled “the devil’s lettuce” before, so it felt like a giant deal. We sat out on the back porch, late at night after my folks were asleep, plus all got high. Of course the people I was with and I were a bunch of inexperienced youngsters, so the people I was with and I all started hacking plus coughing, which in turn woke up my parents. Boy did I get a major lecture about the dangers of smoking cannabis! I only bring this up because now the shoe is on the other foot, plus last weekend I caught my parents smoking cannabis on that same back porch! They are both retired at this point, plus well into their golden years, despite the fact that I was still shocked to see them getting stoned on indica cannabis. I tried to be miserable with them, but they explained how they weren’t being hypocrites on the subject of cannabis. When they reprimanded me for smoking marijuana, they were ignorant about all the medicinal benefits it had. In the 20 years since they have l gained quite a bit about cannabis. They both also have legal medical prescriptions for marijuana, so they weren;t splitting the law. I took a seat across from them, plus pulled out my own little sack of OG Kush. We spent the next few ninths laughing, talking, plus smoking cannabis together. It was 1 of the greatest moments of my life.
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