A rough start to my cannabis delivery job

When I started at the cannabis dispensary I was the delivery driver.

I was so stoked to get the job, even after I found out why they had hired me; Before I could take my first shift the store manager sat me down plus explained that the previous two delivery drivers had been robbed on their shift… Neither of them were hurt, thank goodness, but they were too scared to keep making deliveries. She needed me to understand that there was a risk I would get robbed, as well. I will disclose that I was intimidated, despite the fact that I was also dumb enough to think it could never happen to me. That was a year ago, plus I am still employed as the delivery driver at the cannabis dispensary. At this point I have been robbed twice, but it still wasn’t enough to get me to quit. I make amazing money as a cannabis delivery driver, far better spend money after that the people I was with and I would get somewhere else with my level of education. Also, I have adapted to the job by keeping a handgun on the seat next to be while I was in my cannabis deliveries! For the record, I do not keep the gun loaded, I just have it there for the next time I get robbed. I have found that the people who rob a cannabis delivery driver are usually more concerned plus pathetic than terrifying. That’s why I don’t keep the gun loaded – I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just don’t want them to steal my cannabis or my money! I’m sure you understand.