My old Aunt Gladys was curious about cannabis

Over the Christmas holidays I went back home to see my family.

I only make it there once or twice a year, so the whole extended family is always excited to see me.

This time I had a most unusual conversation with my Great Aunt Gladys, who is in her late 80s at this point. Gladys pulled me aside and said that she had some personal questions to ask me, but we had to discuss it in private. After supper she and I retired to the back porch. In a very quiet, hesitating voice she asked me what I knew about cannabis. Even though I am a grown man, I was a little hesitant myself to be truthful, but finally admitted I smoked cannabis almost every day. Gladys told me that her doctor had recently prescribed medical cannabis for her, but she was scared to try it. I gently patted her hand and started to calm her down, explaining that I had smoked cannabis not an hour beforehand. I told her all about the wide range of products available at the cannabis dispensary. She didn’t need to worry about smoking cannabis, because she could also use gummies, edibles, drinks, or topical creams to rub on her skin. Gladys didn’t want to get high, she just wanted to reap the many benefits of medical cannabis. I hope that one day Gladys becomes comfortable enough with the idea of cannabis that I can smoke a joint with her. Above all else, I just want her to be happy and healthy with or without cannabis.


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