All I wanted was an easy pot delivery.

I wasn’t looking to put in a sizable marijuana order, then i had 1 item I needed plus I didn’t want to go… My fibromyalgia was acting up plus I could barely pull myself out of bed. I laid there plus wondered if I could get a marijuana delivery for a new cartridge for our vape pen, then they had the cartridges on sale, plus it was what I used for our fibromyalgia. I had never used marijuana delivery services before, however thinking about going out in the frigid rain, had myself and others aching even more. I called the dispensary plus asked if I could get a easy marijuana delivery of 1 cartridge, then he asked our name plus I gave his all the information. She asked if I knew what cartridge I needed. I told her, plus he said it was an online sale. I needed to go to the website, plus find the cartridge I needed, but at checkout, I could place the order plus opt for delivery. I thanked his for the information plus pressed the end call button. I was now on a mission to find the cartridge I always used! When I saw it was 40% off online, I ordered more than one cartridges for our vape pen. An hour later, the marijuana delivery driver was handing myself and others the bag. I was so grateful for the speedy delivery plus how nice he was, that I grabbed a bill I had sitting on the table. I didn’t even bconnect when I noticed it was a $20 bill. My easy marijuana delivery got a bit more fancy, but I was okay.

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