The specials on pre-rolls caught my attention

I do not usually carry marijuana with me when I am on a business trip.

  • I do not smoke marijuana absolutely often, so there is hardly ever a need for myself and others to buy marijuana when I am away for just a few days.

I was in a neighborhood where recreational marijuana is legal as well as there was a placard in the front lobby of the hotel for a shop that was close by. The biweekly specials are what caught my attention, because the recreational marijuana shop advertised my number one favorite genre of pre-roll. The pre-roll is infused with terpenes, top shelf flower, as well as marijuana distillates. When I saw the price of the pre-rolls, I went to the online website to see what brands were available. They had about 20 odd types of the pre-roll that is my number one kind. I truthfully wanted to buy a single 1 of each, although I was only planning to be in the neighborhood for a couple more days so there was no way that I was going to be able to get them back on the plane. I wasn’t going to be able to smoke all of them, either. I narrowed down my choices online to a couple of odd a singles that looked interesting. I selected more than one sativas as well as more than one hybrids. I also picked out a single indica that tasted exactly the same as purple berries. The marijuana dispensary had free delivery even to the hotel. I could have them come right up to the door or I could meet them downstairs. I chose to meet them in the lobby of the hotel, because I thought it would be more discreet.


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