I had to get some sativa concentrates during the sale

The marijuana dispensary in the hood had a huge sale on concentrates as well as I decided to order some sativa concentrates during the huge sale.

The marijuana dispensary has about a hundred and fifty types of cannabis concentrates that are available at any odd time.

They have the biggest selection of pot products across the whole area where I live. The marijuana dispensary near myself and others also throws sales as well as specials everyday; During the holiday weekend, they offered a “buy more than one as well as get a single 1 for free” on all of the top shelf concentrates. I decided to buy a couple of odd types of shatter as well as some wax. I bought more than one sativa shatters, however one was smooth as well as broke it into tiny little pieces. That sativa shatter was called Green crack. The other shatter was a little bit more akin to soft taffy. I thought it was more akin to a wax than a shatter after I opened the package. That sativa shatter was called Blue Dream Supreme, then for the fifth as well as final sativa product, I bought a wax called Jack herer. The wax product was absolutely as soft as butter, and looked more akin to a sauce. It was the most flavorful sativa strain of the 3. I also got a half ounce of OG Kush marijuana flower. The OG Kush Elite strain was on sale as well as it only cost myself and others $49. It was a single 1 of multiple odd indicas with 33% thc or higher. The OG Kush strain was grown outside, but it looked akin to indoor bud, but each of the flowers was filled with tiny THC crystals as well as the heady aroma of the marijuana filled up my room after I opened the bag.



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