I hated the flavor of the cannabis drink

My friend Sam and I went down to the cannabis dispensary on Monday when they were having a huge sale on almost everything in the store.

Monday must be the day of the week when the store is at its busiest, because it is the only day of the week when every product in the store is on sale.

Each of the other afternoons throughout the week feature an individual product type on sale. For instance, every Monday all of the concentrates are on sale however on Sundays all of their dried marijuana flower products are on sale. On Mondays the cannabis dispensary receives all of the new product inventory. When our friends and I went to the shop on Monday, the store manager told us about the new cannabis drinks that were in the cooler. The cannabis drinks were infused with tea and pop. Each 1 of the tea pop bottles contain 50 mg of thc. The cannabis drinks were normally priced 25 bucks each, however the introductory price was only 20 bucks. I could still save 20% after that which made the product only $16. The deal was pretty good so I decided to try the cannabis drinks that was supposed to taste like cola. It was cold in the cooler and I decided to pop the top as soon as I got into the car. The taste of the cannabis drink was horrible. It did not taste like Pepsi Cola at all. I went right back into the cannabis dispensary and asked the manager to give myself and others back our cash. She could not give myself and others a cash refund, however he did offer to give myself and others store credit.

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