I needed internet marketing for my dispensary.

I knew internet marketing was important for my cannabis dispensary.

Although I wasn’t capable of doing my internet marketing, I knew of a marketing company that could do it for me.

I had helped my brother get his HVAC company set up with internet marketing, and I asked them how many companies they had specialist for. One company they talked about was cannabis dispensaries. They said they tried to have internet marketing specialists for most business, but sometimes that was hard to do. I didn’t care about other companies, but I was glad they had cannabis dispensary specialists that could do my internet marketing. The specialist asked about my website and wanted to know what kind of internet marketing I wanted to do? I told them I was interested in doing some social media ads, and placing some Google ads, or something else they could recommend. I will take any recommendations they could offer that would get my cannabis dispensary new business. The person I was talking to, asked if I had good SEO on my website, and I said their company did it. He laughed and said that was good enough for him. He looked at the website and told me he had some internet marketing ideas he was sure would please me. A week later, I had several hits on my website for information and for orders. They came in as online orders for delivery, and I had to ask for their ID to make sure they were from our state. I had the internet marketing company put a warning that we complied with all laws, and they had to prove they were of legal age and in a state that allowed us to ship to.

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