The cannabis specials did not include the top shelf rosin products

One of my best friends called me on Monday because the dispensary near me was having a sale.

The place doesn’t regularly advertise these sales online.

They hardly ever updated the website. Half the products listed online aren’t in the store. I never use the website. It’s basically trash and they should get rid of it altogether. Thankfully the place has rock bottom prices on everything from edibles to flower to concentrates and more. I was excited when I found out that all of the concentrates were going to be buy two and get one for half off. I planned to grab some of the top shield live rosin products. These products are made from the cannabis sativa plant while it is still alive. The plant is harvested and the saps and terpenes are extracted directly from the plant. It is the purest form of concentrate because of the extraction process. Jack offered to come pick me up so we could go to the shop together. I was happy about that because I hate taking my gas guzzling truck out of the driveway. The only reason I have a truck is due to work. If I didn’t need the truck, I would probably drive a Prius or a smart car. Jack and I got to the dispensary near me and we found out that only certain products were included in the sale and live rosin extracts were not one of those items. I was definitely bummed out to hear the news, but I did pick out some other nice products that were included in the sale.


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