I found olive oil that is infused with cannabis

One of the best things about living in a place where recreational marijuana is legal is being able to have lots of different options.

I lived in a state where medical marijuana was legal and there were very few options in the dispensary.

I lived in one of the biggest cities and there were still only three dispensaries. They had less than 10 choices for concentrates and the selection of marijuana flower was even less than that. I got a job in a state where recreational marijuana was legal and I took the opportunity to move. When I visited a dispensary for the first time, I was amazed and excited by all of the different products that were available. I never saw so many different types of edibles. The marijuana dispensary had lots of different flavors of gummies and hard candies like pineapple, black raspberry, grape, and lemonade. The marijuana dispensary also had a selection of different edibles like popcorn, cookies, cannabutter, beverages, tinctures, and olive oil that is infused. When I found the olive oil that is infused with cannabis, it became one of my absolute favorite items in the world. Now I can’t go without it when I am cooking. I use the cannabis infused olive oil in every single one of my meals. The cannabis infused olive oil is a little expensive, but I think it adds a wonderful earthy and umami flavor. I marinate my steak and chicken with the olive oil and it adds such a robust and deep flavor I keep one on the range and another one in the cupboard. I never run out.

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