I was lost when I couldn't find my marijuana

The two of us finished our task early so the two of us could be with friends as well as watch this Sunday pigskin game.

The game was due to start around the afternoon time and that was going to be earlier for myself as well as others because we are on the western coast.

The two of us had to rush home after task just to get the first half. This week, the two of us decided to take off early so that the ball kick was not missed. That day it was snowing lately when the two of us left the office although the two of us were not feeling very anxious about the cold weather. My friends as well as my self decided to meet at a bar down the street from my apartment and that meant that the two of us did not have to drive. As soon as I got home as well as took a shower, I saw that the snowfall was starting to increase. The snowflakes were falling with a much more hard intensity now. I found it difficult for the two of us to walk directly to the tavern without falling down even once. My hands were nearly frozen but I smoked a joint. I had some marijuana in a container in my pocket and it was by the joints. I must have dropped that container of marijuana somewhere in the snow on the way to the bar. When I tried to smoke a joint with my friends, my weed was missing.
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