The elixir comes in flavors like orange and banana

This year my partner as well as myself decided to do something different for the holidays.

We usually do not go anywhere as well as Lounge our bodies around the house.

It seemed like it would be more fun to go to a hotel as well as casino this year. There were some of our friends that wanted us to go with them as well as we decided that it would be a fun way to spend the holidays. We didn’t even have to go very far there is a location that is very close with exciting nightlife as well as really great fun. The bars as well as clubs are open almost 24 hours. When the two of us were in the city, the two of us decided to go to a marijuana shop. We ran into a couple of friends that we did not suppose we’re going to be in that place. It was coincidental as well as a fun surprise. We made some plans to have a late dinner show and I wasn’t very careful about the choice. My partner as well as myself went to the marijuana shop to pick out a vape pen so I could absolutely get high while we were enjoying the show with our friends. I didn’t want to get in trouble for smoking in the place so I made sure to get a vape pen that would be absolutely very difficult to trace and even harder for people to get things. The two of us had the Cannabis Elixir as well as got stoned.



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