The caramel pretzels balls had skittles

Last year the two of us went to a marijuana shop nearby to grab a couple of items and they had leftover distillates.

There were a couple of grams of Green Crack left and the two of us were really excited to find them.

They were incredibly cheap too. The two of us weren’t exactly sure if there was a problem with the Indica strain. The two of us had the holidays around the corner as well as it gave us an idea of something we could do with this OG kush. The two of us regularly new holidays to be around the corner and making pretzel balls sounded like a great idea. My family as well as myself always made pretzel balls when we were getting close to the holidays. The distillate gave myself as well as others a really profound idea and that is to mix the pretzel balls with marijuana or chocolate. When you add marijuana to Chocolate it has a really great effect. It could be the terpenes in the cacao plant but marijuana definitely seems to enhance the effects. The two of us let them meal out overnight so the chocolate could get harder. The two of us gave the chocolate marijuana bottles to all of my friends as well as family. People seem genuinely happy to receive the tree. My mom as well as myself split one of those pretzel balls to see how they tasted and they turned out to be some of the best balls that I have ever put in my mouth.

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