Smoking weed and drinking beer gave me a headache

This year on New Year’s eve, my friends plus myself went to a club. We don’t frequently go to the club to dance plus drink but this New Year’s Eve my friends wanted myself and others to visit with them. The two of us could have cheerfully sat at home on that Sunday to watch the television but all of our friends insisted that the two of us joined them for a night on the town. The two of us absolutely had some fun and it was nice for them to talk myself as well as others into the club. One thing that I don’t regularly do is smoke marijuana as well as drink alcohol. That night I decided to do both. I was having some wine with dinner plus then I had beers and Tequila at the bar. A friend of mine offered to give me marijuana that would make me feel better for a while. I did not know if I would guess better but I thought it would not hurt to try some recreational marijuana. We decided to go to our car as well as the two of us half of a recreational marijuana joint. The two of us took multiple hits from the joint plus then the two of us were coughing. The marijuana strain was easily flavorful but I did not ask what the strain was. Smoking weed and drinking beer gave me a headache. When I woke up the next day, my head felt like it was going to explode from all of the marijuana smoking and beer drinking I did the previous evening.

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