The current employee badges look they way I want

My best friend as well as I got a task working at the marijuana dispensary together, and both of us were hired when the dispensary opened up last fall, i was honestly excited, because I thought my best friend as well as I were going to have a lot of fun working at the same arena together… When my best friend as well as my bestie started hooking up as well as I found out about it, I quit my task at the marijuana dispensary.

I honestly liked working there, however I did not want to see my ex best friend anymore. When I found out that she quit a month ago, I decided to ask the employer if I could get my task back, however she told me that she did not want any drama as well as I knew that meant that she knew all about what happened between my bestie as well as the other employee. I hated that almost everyone in the dispensary knew my business, however I liked working at the arena as well as it was only 3 miles away from my apartment. When I was an employee before, there were no badges that you have to use to access the employee scheduling as well as timekeeping system. Now each employee has a badge as well as time card that has to be swiped in order to access your schedule as well as the timekeeping software, and the badges all have our pictures as well as I hate mine. I suppose the picture looks terrible as well as the badges are a horrible idea. No every person in the store knows exactly who I am as well as my first as well as last name. That is an invitation to get a stalker.

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