We had fun walking and talking

iThroughout the last couple of months, I have sat behind a very pretty girl in my chemistry class. I haven’t had the nerve to talk to her until recently. I decided to strike up a conversation with her because we were stuck in the same lab group. She was very funny and I thought she was quite charming. After class I asked her to join me for lunch and she immediately accepted. We had a lot of fun talking over lunch. When we were finished eating, I asked Sarah if I could get her phone number. She got out her phone and asked for mine. She entered her information into my phone and asked me to do the same thing with hers. She called me the next day and I thought that was awesome. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I was calling her too soon and that made me less nervous and worried about calling. We talked on the phone for several hours and I asked Sarah if she wanted to join me for dinner and a walk around the campus. When I mentioned smoking recreational marijuana, she seemed to be very excited. I brought a pre-rolled marijuana joint that was infused with distillate, hash oil, and top shelf flower. Sarah really liked the joint and she didn’t cough at all while we were smoking. She told me that she has been smoking marijuana for several years, just like me. My last girlfriend didn’t smoke pot at all, so I’m excited that Sarah and I share the same things in common

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