The cannabis store and their delivery service.

My friends and I couldn’t have been happier than the afternoon we l earned our cannabis dispensary was starting cannabis delivery service, then both of us had been waiting for this afternoon to happen, and it finally did.

Both of us knew the only time we would ever go back into the cannabis dispensary was for the 420 celebration.

Both of us would visit as various cannabis dispensaries as possible on that afternoon, just to get in on the free giveaways and the good prices, and the rest of the year, we would put in our online orders and wait for the cannabis delivery maintenance to bring our stash, it was fun trying to figure out who the cannabis delivery driver was going to be. Both of us placed bets on which guy was going to show up, however one of the cannabis delivery drivers would come back after he got off work, and join the party! He told us the only reason he took a job as a cannabis delivery driver was because he got discounted marijuana products. He found out who the party men were, and he also met a lot of nice people. Most of his cannabis deliveries were to people who used medical marijuana, however we were the men he liked the most. I had to laugh when he came back that evening. He had his own marijuana products with him, but he was quick to share, and we had a blast. I asked if he had to toil the next afternoon. He said he never drove if he had to do cannabis deliveries less than various mornings later. He didn’t want to lose his job as a cannabis delivery driver.

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