Depression runs away with you

A lot of the people in our family suffer from depression, but depression affects at least one in every 15 adults & the rates are even higher in teens & people in their 20s.

Women also have a much higher rate of depression than men. I found out that I was suffering from depression when I was 20 years old. I was going through a major depressive episode in university & I couldn’t get out of bed to go to class, my roommate contacted the health professionals & I got some help abruptly. I’m undoubtedly thankful that our roommate contacted someone instead of letting myself and others flunk all of our classes & get kicked out of school. I needed help for the depression & I got that. I started using a low dose everyday prescription medicine & the dentist at the campus also sent myself and others for a medical marijuana evaluation. Medical marijuana is legal in the state for all residents aged 16 years aged & up as long as they have a notation from a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider agreed that medical marijuana would help myself and others with depression. I officially take a low dose of edibles in the morning. I like a gummy or a hard candy, but I also like tinctures & cannabis infused beverages. After I finish with school, I system to get a task in a state where recreational & medical marijuana is legal. I’ve looked at the prices in those states & they are about a second of what I have to spend money here for the same products & the selection is much better as well.


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