The room smelled like pot when I returned

I smoked marijuana products when I was in university; I think the odor because I have been around marijuana a bunch of times; There is entirely no way that someone can try to tell myself and others that they are not smoking marijuana when I can clearly odor it in the room.

  • This happens frequently at the hospital.

I labor as a dentist in the hospital & patients are always trying to use marijuana in the hospital rooms, and every one of us have a strictly non-smoking campus & there are no sites at all for patients to smoke! A lot of people try smoking or vaping in the room. They do not usually try after they ask if it’s against the rules, then hardly any of days ago, a patient was on the sixth floor where I work. I was there because he had knee surgery. He wanted to think if he could vape marijuana & I told him that it was strictly forbidden, and when I came back into the room, the entire place odored like marijuana. I told the patient that it was against the rules & I knew that he was smoking. I also warned him that I would have to call security if he was caught with any marijuana products. The patient tried to tell myself and others that the law says he can use marijuana, but I decided to walk out of the room. I contacted the security downstairs & had them come up to deal with the patient. I do not guess that the patients will be using marijuana products again after getting a visit from many big & muscular security guards.

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