My wifey gets a sale on cannabis products

My wifey was working at the club for a while & then she applied for a job working at the local marijuana dispensary.

I didn’t know that our wifey would get a job there, because she has a record.

She has an old charge for possession & I thought that would keep her from being able to labor at the marijuana dispensary. I found out that was not something that would keep her from working when she got hired. Apparently, they will allow some things on your record as long as they aren’t charges for theft or distraught assault. When our wifey got hired, I was entirely happy to hear about her discount. As an employee at the cannabis shop, she gets a 25% discount on all of the products in the store. She can also stack her employee discount with any of the ongoing sales to make the products even less than they would be for other people; Bye wifey likes to use her discount too by edibles, because she prefers tinctures, gummies, & cookies. I prefer to use the discount on dried marijuana flower or cannabis concentrates. We try to compromise & buy a couple of each product every time the two of us arena an order. We choose everything online & then our wifey brings the order home with her at the end of her labor shift. So far, the best product I have tried is a cannabis concentrate that is called live rosin. It is pressed with ice water & preserves the natural flavor & plant terpenes in the cannabis sativa strain.

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