I left the vaporizer pen at the office

No one in the office knows that I use recreational and medical marijuana products.

I try to keep that part of my life separate because a lot of people in the office do not believe that it is perfectly fine to use recreational or medical marijuana products. As an executive, I handle accounts that are worth millions of dollars every day. I don’t want my boss to question my ability to take care of the accounts just because I get high after work. I get high at work sometimes too if I am feeling stressed out or anxious. I keep a marijuana vaporizer pen with me in the pocket of my jacket. If I feel some stress or panic, I go to the restroom and discreetly use the marijuana vape pen. I usually wait until there is no one else in the bathroom and then I stand on the toilet so I can blow the marijuana vape into the hair vent. I’ve been using the marijuana vape pen at work for 6 months and I haven’t had any problems until this week. I accidentally left the marijuana vaporizer pen in the bathroom on top of the toilet paper holder. Another one of my co-workers found that marijuana vaporizer pen and took it right to the guy in charge. There was a meeting the next morning and recreational marijuana use was discussed. The possibility of random drug testing was also discussed, but I honestly don’t think that the boss can legally ask us to take a urine test because of the state laws.



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