The indica made me feel relaxed, but I didn't feel drowsy

My wife and I have been trying lots of different marijuana strains since we got our medical marijuana certification cards.

In the state where we live, medical marijuana is only legal if you have a doctor’s approval and a specific medical marijuana card from the state. They charge an enormous amount of fees to get the card and see a doctor, but you can then use marijuana freely without much worry about getting caught or getting into trouble. We have tried a lot of different indica strains since the two of us were certified for medical marijuana. One of my favorite Indica strains is OG kush. OG Kush was developed down south and is one of the primary strains used in a ton of hybrids like Girl Scout cookies, thin mints, and gushers. Another one of my favorite Indica strains is granddaddy purp. It’s really hard to find Granddaddy Purp flower, but I regularly find that strain in concentrates. Recently we tried a new indica strain that is called papaya. It had a really fruity smell and a great flavor. The indica marijuana strain made me feel relaxed, but I didn’t feel drowsy. Drowsiness is a problem with lots of different Indica strains. I have only found a couple of different Indica strains that don’t make me feel tired. The papaya strain was definitely one of the best things that I have tried from the marijuana dispensary since my wife and I got our medical marijuana certification cards. I look forward to trying lots of different unusual medical marijuana products as the state begins to legalize more things.



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