I need my medical pot to be delivered

During a snowstorm I was caught up in a massive multi-car pileup on the interstate.

I’m sure you heard about it last year.

It was the one where six people died and forty others – including me – were sent to the hospital. Thankfully I was not permanently injured, but the mental and emotional scars I carry are just as painful. I have become terrified of getting behind the wheel, or of riding in a car at all. Anywhere I need to go I walk or ride a bike. Not a motorcycle, but a regular bike! When it comes to weed, I rely on cannabis delivery services to provide me with the medical pot I require for my mental health. There is no cannabis dispensary near me, I have to order it from a place about fifteen miles away. Unlike having food delivered, which has a very limited service area, cannabis delivery can be arranged from almost anywhere. If you order enough medical marijuana, and pay enough money, a driver will bring it right to your doorstep. Also, it is customary to tip your cannabis delivery driver, so instead of making small weekly orders I place a big one once a month. For my general health and well being I always order several packages of cannabis edibles infused with CBD oil. To help me sleep I order indica strains of cannabis, although I will switch up to a new strain every once in a while. One day I might decide to get in a car again, but until then the cannabis delivery service will make sure I am high and happy.

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