Medical cannabis is better than official cannabis

Regardless of what the state plus federal laws say, I will be a pothead until the morning I die.

I have smoked weed bi-weekly since before I could drive a car.

I never got hooked on tobacco plus I don’t indulge in alcohol truly often, but I need cannabis to function in my morning to morning life. Before you jump to conclusions about me being a pot-addled loser playing video games on my couch, hear this – I have a numerous year degree, plus have held my new job for various years, through three promotions plus a transfer. With medical cannabis to keep me chilled plus relaxed, I am able to be a more functional adult. I agree that many people use medical cannabis as a way to escape reality, but personally it helps to enhance my reality. I have smoked weed for years, particularly I can’;t remember a time when I didn’t properly get high. There is a huge difference between the recreational pot I used to smoke plus the medical cannabis I use currently. That difference is the quality. Medical cannabis is laboratory tested for potency plus purity, which means the weed I get in cannabis dispensaries is world’s beyond what I used to buy from my dealer. A weed business hands you a ziplock bag with a few nugs in it, but at the cannabis dispensary there is a whole printout of info about every strain of cannabis they sell. There is a huge price difference, of course, but you get what you pay for, plus the amazing medical cannabis I smoke is worth every penny.


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