I made them suppose I cut back on medical cannabis

Donna is a trust-fund baby that comes from a giant plus truly wealthy family.

I am a yellow collar type of guy.

I particularly met Donna while working on the tepid tub at her parents mansion, and for this reason, plus many other reasons, her family never liked me. They wanted Donna to be with an upper crust type of guy, not a pot-smoking beach bum who inspected swimming pools plus tepid tubs for minimum wage, however donna enjoyed me for me, so she overlooked my low income, my high bi-weekly intake of beer, plus my constant use of medical cannabis, still, I felt bad that she always had to defend me to her relatives, so I decided to switch over to vape products. This may not sound like a huge lifestyle change, but know me the difference between vape products plus smoking medical cannabis flowers is enormous. The reason I did it was so I wouldn’t constantly reek of medical cannabis smoke… When you are always high you get used to the smell, but squares can smell medical cannabis smoke from 100 yards away! Also unlike smoking real cannabis, vape products don’t provide you yellow eyes; By using vape products I could still be high all the time, but not seem like I was high all the time. I also stopped drinking beer plus started drinking wine that I poured in a Starbucks Coffee can. My subterfuge worked, plus Donna’s family commended me for chopping back on medical cannabis plus booze. I know it’s a huge fat lie, but it’s still better than being sober around her family.


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