I was sad about the medical cannabis dispensary

I started selling weed when I was attending school.

Everyone else got an afterschool job at the mall, or the activitys arena, even though I decided to become a weed contractor instead. I made a lot of cash that way, so I kept doing it after graduation. It didn’t make a lot of sense to spend a small fortune on school tuition when I already had a lucrative career, but over the next five years I did easily well for myself! Then a dark day arrived, and the state legislature approved the sale of medical cannabis at state-approved dispensaries. This could potentially ruin our whole business, so I was sad about the new medical cannabis dispensaries being built. I had to do some research, so I went online and spent several mornings learning everything I could about new medical cannabis dispensaries. It didn’t take long to realize that there could never be any real competition, because these locales had amazing medical cannabis products I could not make myself. All I sold was weed, but the cannabis dispensaries sold 100 kinds of weed, along with drinks, oils, edibles, and vape products. A cannabis dispensary is like the Walmart of weed, and I was simply not in that league! I tried to know of ways I could possibly compete with the new cannabis dispensaries, perhaps by offering delivery service. Alas, the cannabis dispensaries did that, as well. My only choices at this point are to start selling a strange kind of drug, or try to get a job at the medical cannabis dispensary.


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