I finally have the dog I consistently wanted

It’s been raining for multiple weeks, and the weather is consistently raining in this section of the country, but i’ve grown accustomed to the dark and dreary mornings.

I try not to let the rain affect my mood and happiness.

I live in an home with my dog and we live in a nice neighborhood where we can walk outside without fear, then one of the reasons is because of my task working in the cannabis industry. I am the director of a cannabis dispensary in town. I earn a legitimately great wage as the director of the cannabis shop. I can live in an home and a great neighborhood that allows dogs, thanks to my income. I have wanted a dog for a long time, but I lived in an home building that had a strict policy of no creatures. The first thing I did after I was promoted to director of the cannabis shop was go to the pound to option out a puppy. I knew I was moving to a different location as soon as the lease was up. The home building director complained about myself and others having the dog in the locale, but I was only there for numerous more weeks and they could not legitimately do anything except take my security deposit, my home is only a few miles away from the cannabis dispensary, so I also save a ton of money on gas and car. It’s often rainy and wet, or I would easily take my bike or walk the short distance, after all, it is legitimately great for the environment.

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