Saved by the medical cannabis prescription card

We had a run in with the cops the other night, but it didn’t turn out as bad as it could have.

Let me set the scene for you – it’s New Year’s Eve, and we are having a small gathering of friends at my house.

Maybe twenty of us in total, and things aren’t too wild and crazy but we did jam some music and hang out in the backyard getting drunk and stoned. An hour before midnight a police officer opens the side gate and steps into the yard. My friend Ed was right in the middle of smoking a big fat bowl of medical cannabis. Everyone else there had plausible deniability but Ed was caught red-handed. Ed didn’t panic, he just set down the bowl and took out his medical cannabis prescription card. It turns out that when he signed up as a customer at the local cannabis dispensary they schooled Ed on how to deal with the cops. Cannabis education isn’t just about the products you buy, it’s about incorporating it into your lifestyle. Ed was calm, cool, and collected, and five minutes later the cop gave him back his medical cannabis card and left! Since Ed was certified to possess medical cannabis, and using it on private property, the cop couldn’t touch him. To me it seemed like the medical cannabis prescription card was like the “Get Out of Jail Free” card in Monopoly. I really need to go to the cannabis dispensary and get more information on all of my rights as a weed smoker.

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