Preferring pre-rolls over rolling my own joints

I’ve recently become a fan of pre-rolls.

I used to strictly purchase dried cannabis flower as well as roll my own joints.

I invested into the papers, grinder, rolling tray as well as all of the necessities! Since there are hundreds of types of rolling papers available in peculiar sizes, materials, as well as flavors, I was never quite sure what to buy. I properly stuck with the regular 1 ¼ “ papers because they are simple to roll as well as can fit a filter. I then had to figure out if I wanted hemp, rice, bamboo or flax papers. I tried to stay away from papers that use bleach or additives such as charcoal, then once I had assembled all of my supplies as well as shopped for dried flower at the dispensary, I then needed to grind the bud into a finer as well as more consistent texture. I’d arena the filter at 1 end of the rolling paper as well as fill the paper with the ground bud. I used around a half to a full gram as well as then attempted to form the shape of the joint with my fingers. Rolling it back as well as forth is supposed to pack the cannabis into its final cone shape. I usually made a mess. I either rolled the joint too loosely or too tightly. I consistently had trouble tucking the unglued side of the paper into the roll, licking the edge is supposed to keep it tacked down. I never was rewarded with an even burn. Either the joint would burn up too fast or refuse to stay lit. I’ve finally given up. I am not proficient at rolling joints. The whole process is aggravating. It’s much easier to simply purchase pre-rolls. The dispensary sells top-shelf pre-rolls from some of the top producers. I can get top-shelf weed in a lovely variety of strains as well as potency. They are sold in singles at a undoubtedly affordable price, which allows me to try modern options. I can also buy my favorites in packs. Pre-rolls are often included in the dispensary’s sales as well as weekly specials.

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