Marijuana prices vary from county to county

Before my husband and also myself moved, both of us were in a place where only medical marijuana was legal.

It was costly to biomedical marijuana and easily the insurance was not covering fees at all.

It was a lot of money for us to buy medical marijuana and the average costs were around 50 or $60 with even more for the better products. Many of these dispensaries had nothing at all and if they had Edibles they were flavored love mint, lime, or yellow tea. Those were the only real flavors that were easily allowed by the law; however, both of us have a great selection because we live here on the West coast. The people I was with as well as myself moved to this place where there is a huge selection of recreational as well as medical marijuana. We can all buy odd items. Many of the Edibles have different flavors love yellow banana, pineapple, and also fruit punch. Even the grams of wax in addition to shatter can be found for around $20. It was recently when we found the supplier that was only charging $40 for a gram. Some of the biggest and best of the savings that we can charge is marijuana flour and the dried flower can be at 10 or $15 when there were other places when it was much more. From county to county, it is self-explanatory to see marijuana products and the prices greatly differ. It is about making sure that you find the best deal on marijuana.


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