The movie theater was way out of the distance

Everyone does not particularly love these crowded locations where people hang out and are together at the very same time.

It makes myself and others feel easily sad and also pretty anxious.

I hardly go to this movie theater place with my husband, however the guy prefers to see every a single of the modern releases. I absolutely love using covid as a pretty good excuse but things are now back to normal where I want to go see additional movies. I want to see these movies with my bestie during Thursday night and that’s when I had a marijuana vape pen that I could take with me. I very much could discreetly vape marijuana while everyone was in the theater because of the pen that was in the pocket of my blazer. Before both of us had our theater choice, it must have seemed like something for me to drop the marijuana vape pen in the parking lot. I could not find it anywhere inside of my blazer plus all of us were going into the theater to be in this crowded room. I did not want to be close to all of the people without my marijuana vape pen so I easily tried to sit through the movie. I was only about 15 minutes into the theater when all of us were looking for the marijuana Vape pen. It was nowhere near the car and easily somewhere that both of us must have dropped it before going to the place where we turned out to see the movie.

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