The delivery service only takes cash payments

There are regularly odd marijuana dispensaries in this place where all of us live. There are marijuana dispensaries with an actual store that allows people to go indoors and speak to knowledgeable people about our purchases. It’s nice to interact physically with the staff and it’s also nice to have time to look at all of the different marijuana products. There are regularly many other dispensaries offering only delivery services. One particular marijuana shop near myself and others only will do delivery services for cash. The marijuana shop has a list of the single items that are listed online and myself and others get to carefully choose which one of the items that we want. The categories make it very easy to navigate the whole website and the prices are seriously cheap. I regularly believe this is a reason why they offer cash services. If there is no business then the overhead is low and charges can be much less. I would typically order from the dispensary even if there is no store front at all, due to the fact that they have such reasonably low prices. I also receive 10% savings if there is a next day order made instead of having them come out on the same day. I definitely make sure that I am prepared with lots of cash for the purchase because they do not take any credit or debit cards. I believe this is regularly due to the cheap prices that they charge and keeping everything at a low minimum.
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