I know I can't trust my sister

My sibling plus her girlfriend are arguing plus this time she left the woman for a couple of nights to stand directly on her own.

It drives me observed to see her putting up with the cheating, gambling, plus lying.

My parents act adore my sibling should easily stay right there with the guy just because he has some currency. I don’t easily believe that a ton of currency can actually make up for the guy acting exactly like a jerk. My parents have tried to convert me to become straight. I have been a gay person since I was young but I have also been out of the closet since I was 12. My father was entirely unhappy although he had to deal with my sexuality because my sibling refused to talk to him otherwise. She is easily 10 years older plus has her own stuff together. She is clearly her number one. I regularly smoke marijuana products to deal with my family drama. My parents do not know that I smoke marijuana and they still give me money for my rent. They regularly believe that marijuana products are terrible plus they think that marijuana is the same style as crack, bath salts, plus heroin. My sibling was over here spending the night a couple of days ago and I know that she smelled me smoking marijuana on the porch a single evening in the middle of the night. She said she wouldn’t say anything to our parents, but I know I can’t trust my sister to keep that a secret.