I like the fact that my sister lives on the west coast

My sibling moved to the West Coast multiple months ago.

She shocked all of the members of our family by going more than 2,000 miles away from our home.

She met an online woman plus they began talking. My sibling then went to visit that person for an entire week and then decided that she was going to move to the West coast. She was engaged plus then planning to move. I was entirely shocked plus very surprised to learn that my own sibling was going to move from the family and separate without hesitation. She told me plus my dad that she was regularly in love plus was hoping to be with the lady. My sibling moved six nights later plus her furniture, clothes, plus knick knacks got sent in the mail. My sibling has lived on the coast for a while and she has been living a door a lady like that. She goes every day to the beach plus also uses recreational marijuana products. My sibling wants asked me if I wanted something special for Christmas and I told her to entirely send me a giant bin of recreational marijuana. I was easily trying to hint about the fact that she could send something, but I don’t believe that she actually understood or not what I was trying to say. I don’t believe she would actually send something in the first sight, but it would certainly be entirely cool to have a bit of recreational marijuana come through the mail. That would be a pretty awesome Christmas surprise.



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