Can’t believe that there is now cannabis delivery

When it comes to great ideas, I sure had one way back in the day. And I can remember it so completely. It was 1988 and I was inside an apartment I shared with two buddies. We were in college back then and I clearly remember we were pretty excited about having pizza delivered. Pizza delivery was sort of new to our area. And this way we could continue doing our recreational marijuana and nobody had to drive. So I remember being pretty excited about that. But I also remember the look on my friends faces when I suggested that a pizza guy could make a ton of money if he added cannabis delivery. It was like I had just found the Holy Grail. Over the remaining years in college, we actually found a pizza guy who would also deliver a bag of sativa or indica with our pizza. I can remember feeling like we were just the coolest things ever. Of course, we were all scared to death that we get busted. But that was not part of the plan for it would have screwed up our situation intensely. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and we were able to enjoy cannabis products through our time in college. A few of us have continued to enjoy a sativa products and indica products as adults. I’m lucky to live in a state where I can enjoy legalized recreational marijuana. But when it comes to getting cannabis delivery, I have to tell the local cannabis spot about my idea all those years ago. They always think it’s the height of comedy but I can’t impress upon them enough that I was the first to come up with cannabis delivery.


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