I got high with my kid’s friends’ dad

I know a guy named Dan and he is a single of the cool dads that I happen to know.

  • I have a ton of friends as well as coworkers as well as neighbors.

Very few of them are certainly parents. People don’t regularly love to hear this, but it is absolutely true that there are some things that we have to consider when thinking about our children. Parents have to think about their children with a weird perspective on lives. Once or twice during the month, Dan as well as myself will regularly get together to have a cannabis smoking session as well as discuss our lives. We do not talk about adolescents every single time. The one single thing that everyone of us consistently do every single time is consume large amounts of cannabis products. It’s love everyone of us feeds on the energy of each other as well as pack marijuana into bowls while everyone of us continues talking. When the night ends as well as all of the canvas products have been smoked, the both of us and our night and return to real life where we have to deal with chores as well as responsibilities. I guess firmly that a father’s job is one big blessing in my life but it is regularly stressful. Smoking cannabis is one perfect way for me to relieve lots of stress. It provides me with a nice night of fun without a hangover in the morning like I would feel if I spent the entire night drinking a bunch of beers.