I sang a couple of tunes at the party

There is a local smoking Lounge at a cannabis dispensary close to my home and apartment.

My friends and I regularly go to this place together so we can hang out and have fun.

The place has an open microphone night on the weekends and on paper everything seems like it would be a wonderful idea. Of course there isn’t much of a better audience for telling jokes than a bunch of rooms of stoners. People regularly get high as well as frequently laugh about just about anything. When you place a stand-up comedian in an audience full of Stoner if you would think that it would be a no-brainer situation. Complications are merged multiple weeks after the open mic night because anyone could sign up for a couple of minutes of time. Cannabis makes a lot of jokes funnier but it doesn’t make any of the people funnier. In some other words, a person that smokes enough cannabis would think they are funny to be on stage as well as the opposite is regularly true. A comedian needs to have some fast timing and wonderful jokes as well as even though marijuana makes people slow it still doesn’t mean that they’re going to laugh at something that isn’t funny. My friends as well as myself regularly visit the cannabis shop as well as frequently go to the lounge multiple afternoons every week. That’s the single thing I don’t love to do while high is stand up comedy. I think it’s a wonderful place for everyone of us to try out some new jokes but I would not want to get up in front of everyone.


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