Cannabis can be grown outside or indoors

I consistently say funny things about my neighbor because the guy is a doomsday conspiracy theorist who is constantly prepping.

Once or more every month she talks to me about Society crumbling as well as falling apart soon.

I honestly don’t think this is something that is the case, but she tells me that everything will certainly happen soon. Sometimes she has an exact date for this end of day society which is usually provided by someone similar to qanon. Of course the date comes as well as goes as well as nothing seems to happen which is why I regularly say funny things about the person. It’s unbelievably crazy too think that these things can happen all of the time. When a hurricane hit this area and flooded our neighborhood. It knocked out the power as well as all of our wireless internet. Suddenly there was only one person in our neighborhood where we could turn to help and this was Ed. Ed may have been a conspiracy nut but he was a cannabis farmer with a huge grow operation inside of the basement. The guy had a geothermal heat pump that supplied untraceable sources of power for the Cannabis crops. The complication various residential Farmers experience is using tons of electricity and this can tip the cops off immediately. By getting energy from the earth, and can grow all of the Cannabis that he wants as well as there is no electrical line for the authorities to see. When the hurricane was hitting, I pretended to check up on Ed.

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