Delivering cannabis on my bicycle

Before the law allowed for legal cannabis delivery, I did it illegally.

I am not a drug dealer, it’s nothing like that.

I had a good job as the manager of the only medical cannabis dispensary in town. This was a few years ago, when the laws were really sketchy. Recreational use was still 100% illegal, and medical use was only allowed under specific conditions. This put me in a weird position at work, because some of my customers who needed medical cannabis more than anyone were too sick to come and get it themselves. As I said, cannabis delivery was strictly illegal, so I took a big risk making home deliveries to these customers… but I did it anyway! I didn’t use the car, I rode my bike, and only carried one cannabis order at a time. They would pay me cash on delivery, and the next day I would ring in the sale at the cannabis dispensary and put the cash in the register. As I said, I was not doing this for personal profit, I just happened to believe that medical cannabis is a God-given right, and these elderly people deserved their medicine. I never got in trouble for doing this, by the way. I made dozens of cannabis deliveries on my bike during that time, and never had any issues. I did earn loyal customers for life, because all of these people valued my services, and stayed loyal to my cannabis dispensary until they died. That is the sad part, is that over the last few years all of them did die.

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