Don’t like how costly cannabis is

When I chose to move into the big city, there was a particular amount of culture shock that came with it… I was born & raised on a farm, so far out in the sticks that it took almost approximately an hour just to get to the nearest Walmart… Where I live currently I have several Walmarts all within walking distance, and as you might imagine, weed was not very easy to come by in the country.

  • Anyone that had the wish to have a steady supply of cannabis needed to grow it themselves.

I tried my hand at growing marijuana plants numerous times, even though I never had any actual success. In the neighborhood there are an abundance of cannabis dispensaries, so acquiring weed is easier than it ever has been for me. At the same time, the cost is quite prohibitive… Simply paying rent in the neighborhood is financially crippling, so I don’t have a large sum of money left over to spend at the cannabis dispensary. The one negative of living here is that out in the country I could grow a good amount of cannabis & no one would ever notice. My current place has entirely little space, which makes growing marijuana a real challenge. Also there is the actual setback of power consumption, because growing cannabis inside a place genuinely causes a spike in utility usage. For some reason it is legal to buy cannabis at the cannabis shop, yet still illegal to grow it yourself. It is a fairly weird feeling, to have easy access to all the cannabis I could ever want, even though I just can’t afford to pay for it!

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