I care about the ease of cannabis-infused edibles

When I visit my local cannabis dispensary, I’m always excited to check out their selection of edibles.

Their inventory seems to expand every month, and they properly feature an edible as one of their monthly deals.

I like the simplicity of cannabis-infused edibles. I don’t need to invest in any specialized gears such as a grinder or rolling papers to consume them. They don’t create any aromas, smoke or ash! Edibles are helpful for precision dosing. The packaging lets me assume how much THC or CBD I’m consuming per portion, and I can truly divide them up to reduce potency. I might eat half of a gummy before bed or a quarter of a brownie before heading off on a hike. The majority of edibles don’t taste like weed. They are sold in all sorts of really wonderful flavors. I can buy grape, cherry, sour apple and watermelon flavored gummies. There are milk, dark and colorless chocolate bars & caramels, toffee and peanut butter cups. I like the different types of cookies, however just recently the dispensary added cannabis-infused ice cream and beverages. I now shop for mocktails, colas, root beer, lemonades, tonic and cannabeer and drink them instead of alcohol. The effects are truly mild, cannabis-infused beverages don’t have the harmful side-effects of alcohol and don’t cause me a hangover in the afternoon. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the mouth, the effects come on a little quicker than with traditional edibles. I’ve l earned to start with the lowest dosage of edibles and wait at least an hour before consuming more. The effects are delayed yet especially intense and long-lasting.



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