The doctor went on and on about holistic therapy

I had to see a doctor when I wanted to get a recommendation for medical marijuana.

I wasn’t too concerned about buying marijuana from the dispensary, but I didn’t want to get caught with marijuana and get into trouble.

Having a medical marijuana card meant that I could have marijuana products on me and in my car without getting into trouble. I could also smoke inside of my home without anyone complaining. The appointment with the medical marijuana doctor was very weird and strange. The doctor went on and on about holistic therapies. I thought he was trying to sell me a day spa package. He talked with me about herbal supplements and different pain relievers, cbd, and hemp. The medical marijuana doctor had a lot of ideas about natural healing remedies. I was worried that he was not going to say yes to medical marijuana after all of the talking he did during the hour-long conversation we had. It was one of the strangest encounters I have ever had with a healthcare professional. I’ve never been to the marijuana doctor though, so maybe that is completely natural and usual. At the end of my session with the doctor, he signed all of the paperwork and told me to be safe with medical marijuana. I haven’t had to see that doctor again since I got medical marijuana. Last time I renewed, I did it over the phone and didn’t even speak with the doctor. The guy is really weird, so I’m happy not to talk to him again.


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