Recruiting software to decide on a store manager

With a dispensary there are a lot of people you need to hire, but not only do you need budtenders, but you need a manager to run the floor, then i got a dispensary up and running.

I funeded the whole project, found a grower and handled all the paperwork, and the last thing I wanted to do was be in the store in person.

I easily am not a salesman category of person. I didn’t want to talk to customers and make transactions. I make too much money to be that low level of a person. I needed a nice manager for the store though. I found a lot of easily good people to be bud tenders. The store manager has to be better. They need to lead by example, hire, fire and manage people morning in and morning out. I easily wasn’t sure where I would find someone this good. Thankfully there is a cannabis software supplier that offers recruiting software for dispensaries. The cannabis recruiting software is great. It helps me find capable people in the cannabis industry. I am no longer looking at 21 year seasoned school students that smoke weed, but with the recruiting software I am finding adults with actual cannabis education and store manager experience. I ended up finding our store manager using this software. It easily has made a difference in our store. It is run so smoothly. I never hear anything from it anymore, which is the way I want it. That manager handles everything I don’t want to do.

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