Need hot flash relief

The moment I turned 50 menopause kicked in.

I figured it would last a year or several and I would be good. I figured I could do anything for a year… Well it has been 5 years now and I am dying. I just hate the warm flashes that I get, they happen all the time and are entirely strong. I sweat through our clothing all the time. I have several sets of sheets because I sweat through them at evening. I invested in a window air conditioner just to make things a little more comfortable. I have read online on what I could do to improve our menopaUnited Statesl symptoms, and everything they request I do. I don’t drink, smoke or eat badly. I labor out religiously and I am not overweight. I eat what they say to eat and drink what is proposed… Nope, I still have horrible warm flashes. I did some research and a few ladies have found medical weed to be the solution, but medical cannabis not only lessens the amount of warm flashes, however reduces the severity of them too. I entirely love the sound of that. I am right now researching how to get a medical weed card. I need to find a doctor that will prescribe it, fill out paperwork and spend money a fee, honestly I would spend money around 500 bucks to no longer have warm flashes. Even a little improvement would go a long way. I am that desperate to not sweat through our clothing and sleep better at evening. It is starting to affect other areas of our life.

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